Farra Miron is a stylist and interdisciplinary designer in Southern California who believes in the transformational power of unforgettable evenings, and the fundamental importance of good, quality design.  With over ten years of event curation and catering experience, she brings a particular warmth to her work that is both approachable and refined.

Raised in the heart of the midwest, Farra’s earliest influence was her mother, who saw every meal as an opportunity for an elevated experience.  Growing up using finer things on ordinary days, Farra learned early on that special collections were meant to be utilized and absolutely nothing was ever just for show. The childhood summers she spent in California exposed her to the quintessential flow of a leisurely indoor outdoor lifestyle. 

In her high school Spanish classes, Farra discovered a deep passion not only for this beautiful romance language, but also for Mexican culture.  This interest was further expanded during her time at the University of the Pacific in Northern California, where she studied International Relations and Spanish. Rooted in the midwest, refined by the coast, and heavily influenced by her deep love and appreciation for indigenous Spanish speaking cultures, FARRA is the culmination of years spent traveling, curating, designing, hosting, collaborating, and collecting.


F A R R A is an intentionally curated line of essential elements for the home meant to inspire an elevated daily aesthetic.  Each piece combines traditional artisanry with functional practicality, infusing timeless beauty into modern wares.  

tutu’uli translates the same ethos into whimsical and wearable designs for playful young girls by offering limited collections of nostalgic silhouettes produced in simple, high-quality textiles.


F A R R A is the culmination of many years of travel, creating and self discovery. Each piece has been mulled over in my mind time and again, every detail carefully considered. I live for the in-between moments that nurture connection, and warm a home through the shared experience of gathering. The pieces - beautiful blankets, textiles, napkins, and wares for the table and home - are meant to be accumulated into a collection over time, whether it’s one special item or an entire curated ensemble.  A second line - whimsical wardrobe staples for little girls inspired by my own young daughter - will launch subsequently. The entire aesthetic of the brand is truly a reflection of me and my life.  These are not objects for your home or your closet that will be produced en masse in a six season format, but rather crafted in small batches by skilled artisans with whom I have built meaningful relationships over the years.  Much like me, the people making our pieces enjoy the process of creating.  I fundamentally believe it is within that very process that we share our most precious gifts with the world.  Every piece, therefore, is a collaboration and true representation of artistry and inspiration, transforming any space into a sanctuary.