F A R R A is the culmination of many years of travel, creating and self discovery. Each piece has been mulled over in my mind time and again, every detail carefully considered. I live for the in-between moments that nurture connection, and warm a home through the shared experience of gathering. The pieces - beautiful blankets, textiles, napkins, and wares for the table and home - are meant to be accumulated into a collection over time, whether it’s one special item or an entire curated ensemble.  A second line - whimsical wardrobe staples for little girls inspired by my own young daughter - will launch subsequently. The entire aesthetic of the brand is truly a reflection of me and my life.  These are not objects for your home or your closet that will be produced en masse in a six season format, but rather crafted in small batches by skilled artisans with whom I have built meaningful relationships over the years.  Much like me, the people making our pieces enjoy the process of creating.  I fundamentally believe it is within that very process that we share our most precious gifts with the world.  Every piece, therefore, is a collaboration and true representation of artistry and inspiration, transforming any space into a sanctuary.